Meet the Family

Aaron grinding in a cornerAaron McNiff was born and raised in Los Alamos NM.  With the exception of time served in the United States Marine Corps, he has spent the majority of life in Los Alamos.  Aaron is married to Anita McNiff.  Aaron and Anita are both servants of our Lord Jesus Christ and parents to two beautiful girls.  Aaron’s time in the fire department has given him many skills that have spawned his interest in stump grinding and machine work such as: saw training both in the wildland setting and in residential and commercial building construction, hydraulic equipment/machine skills involving operations and maintenance, urban wildland interface training, and managerial skills.  Aaron’s desire to run a family owned and operated business has always been a dream of his, and to be able to provide services to improve his community was the perfect fit.  Aaron spends any off time he has with his wife and kids and with Ryan (business co-owner and brother) and his family, so starting a business together seemed like a natural fit.

Ryan operating the stump grinder.

Ryan McNiff was born and raised in Los Alamos, NM. After high school, he moved to Alamosa, CO to pursue his running and academic goals at Adams State College. After graduation from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology, Ryan married his wife Heather. They moved to The Woodlands, outside of Houston, TX, where he was a professional runner for two and a half years while earning his teaching certification in K-12 Physical Education. Ryan and Heather then moved back to Los Alamos to be closer to family where Ryan joined his brother Aaron as a member of the Los Alamos Fire Department. During his time at the Los Alamos Fire Department, he has developed many skills that will help him in this new venture of stump grinding including use of heavy hydraulic equipment and saw and hand-tool use in wildland and urban settings.  One of Ryan’s dreams has always been to own his own business, which made for any easy decision to join Aaron on this business venture.