Hire A Professional to Remove Your Stump

If our last post finally convinced you to remove your old (or new!) tree stump you may still be thinking: Why would I hire a professional to remove my tree stump when I could do it myself?  As promised, here are a few good reasons:

Ryan operating the stump grinder.
Ryan operating the stump grinder.
  1. Stump removal is no joke! What is left above ground when you cut down a tree is only the beginning of what will need to be removed. A tree stump and the corresponding roots spread vastly underground. As you start to dig out your stump, you will find it is a much larger underground than what you saw above ground. This is called stump flare. Even after you have dug far enough around your stump to account for most of the stump flare, it will be very hard to remove from the ground without heavy machinery because the stump will be connected to all of the roots. The stump will need to be separated from all of those roots before it can be pried out of the ground.
  2. If the tree (or the leftover stump!) has been sending up shoots all over your yard as discussed in our previous post, you will need to chase the roots. This is very important if you want to make sure the stump does not continue trying to send up new growth. A good rule of thumb is that a tree’s roots extend 2-3 times as far as the size of the crown of the tree when it was living. Obviously this means that chasing down those roots could be a very large task.
  3. If you are planning to build where your tree stump was, you will need to dig down very far into the ground to remove enough stump that it will not be in the way of any kind of foundation you will need to lay. This will be the case whether you are building a simple shed, a garage, or putting an extension on your house. It is very important to have a good foundation under your structure and that foundation will need to go down into the ground to be sturdy.

This is where we come in. With our tree stump grinder we can grind your stump to the depth you need and chase any roots, usually within a matter of hours.  We will also clean up after ourselves, remove any debris, and make sure we don’t ruin the rest of your yard in the process!  If you would like we can even plant a new tree or bush where the stump was or fill it in with dirt so that you can re-plant your grass.  A job that you might spend weeks of back-breaking work on could be done in a day without you having to lift a finger! The best part is, we will come to your house to do a free estimate, so you don’t have to commit to anything without knowing exactly how much it will cost ahead of time. Call us today to schedule a free estimate at (505)662-5271.