Hire A Professional to Remove Your Stump

If our last post finally convinced you to remove your old (or new!) tree stump you may still be thinking: Why would I hire a professional to remove my tree stump when I could do it myself?  As promised, here are a few good reasons:

Ryan operating the stump grinder.
Ryan operating the stump grinder.
  1. Stump removal is no joke! What is left above ground when you cut down a tree is only the beginning of what will need to be removed. A tree stump and the corresponding roots spread vastly underground. As you start to dig out your stump, you will find it is a much larger underground than what you saw above ground. This is called stump flare. Even after you have dug far enough around your stump to account for most of the stump flare, it will be very hard to remove from the ground without heavy machinery because the stump will be connected to all of the roots. The stump will need to be separated from all of those roots before it can be pried out of the ground.
  2. If the tree (or the leftover stump!) has been sending up shoots all over your yard as discussed in our previous post, you will need to chase the roots. This is very important if you want to make sure the stump does not continue trying to send up new growth. A good rule of thumb is that a tree’s roots extend 2-3 times as far as the size of the crown of the tree when it was living. Obviously this means that chasing down those roots could be a very large task.
  3. If you are planning to build where your tree stump was, you will need to dig down very far into the ground to remove enough stump that it will not be in the way of any kind of foundation you will need to lay. This will be the case whether you are building a simple shed, a garage, or putting an extension on your house. It is very important to have a good foundation under your structure and that foundation will need to go down into the ground to be sturdy.

This is where we come in. With our tree stump grinder we can grind your stump to the depth you need and chase any roots, usually within a matter of hours.  We will also clean up after ourselves, remove any debris, and make sure we don’t ruin the rest of your yard in the process!  If you would like we can even plant a new tree or bush where the stump was or fill it in with dirt so that you can re-plant your grass.  A job that you might spend weeks of back-breaking work on could be done in a day without you having to lift a finger! The best part is, we will come to your house to do a free estimate, so you don’t have to commit to anything without knowing exactly how much it will cost ahead of time. Call us today to schedule a free estimate at (505)662-5271.

Why You Should Remove Your Tree Stump

Large Stump with Roots

In a previous article, we explained how landscaping can affect the value of your home. If you are still not convinced that you should remove that stump from your yard, here is a list of a few compelling reasons you may want to reconsider.

Large Stump with Roots
Large Stump with roots extending into grass
  1. Stumps take up valuable space in your yard and create a hazard. A stump left in your yard will be in the way if you would like to plant something new or put a feature in your yard such as a garden bed or shed. They also create a hazard in your yard.  Your family could trip over the stump while playing in your yard or a neighbor could trip on their way in to see you.  If your stump is in an area where you have a lawn, it could ruin your lawnmower if you catch an edge or accidentally mow right over one of those unsightly roots that are running from the tree throughout your yard.
  2. Stumps take a very long time to rot out and while they are taking their sweet time they attract bugs. This could mean attracting termites and other damaging pests closer to your house than you should allow.  These kind of pests are hard to get rid of once you have given them an attractive place to live in your yard.
  3. You may think that chopping down a tree will prevent it from sending up those pesky shoots all over your yard, but the truth is that the stump will continue to do that! You may actually be surprised to learn that once a tree has been chopped down, the stump and roots will actually try even harder to increase growth. Some types of trees are worse than others, but a stump and roots are not only capable of regrowth, but they will try harder to regrow above ground so they can continue to live. Even if you haven’t had an issue with a tree sending up new shoots before, you may have the problem after the tree has been cut down!
  4. As discussed in the previous article, stumps are ugly! Studies have shown that landscaping has a huge impact on the perceived worth of your home. Removing a stump from your yard allows you to easily spruce up your landscaping with a new tree, a nice flowering bush, or even some type of path or water feature. This will improve the overall value of your home. To read more about these studies, read our previous article on the topic: Tree Stump Removal, Landscaping and Home Value.

Stay tuned for our next post where we will give you a few reasons why you should hire us to remove your stumps!

Before and After Shots

We’ve  been keeping busy through the summer grinding stumps, trimming trees, and making our customers happy! We’ve been enjoying a break from the heat, but getting pretty wet when we grind in the rain. Here are a few more before and after shots from recent jobs.  As seen in the photos, we can remove very large stumps, even those in close proximity to other yard features, and leave the land looking like there was never anything there!


Picture Before Stump Removal Picutre Before Stump Removal


Picture after stump removal


Stump Removal Before Picture


Picture after stump removal

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Tree Stump Removal, Landscaping and Home Value

Landscaping has a very big impact on the value of a home. Whether you are looking to sell your home in the near future, or are just looking for ways to maintain your home’s value as it gets older, landscaping is a great place to start.

Your yard is the first (and possibly only) thing a person sees when they pass by your house. Although you may be very diligent about the care of the inside and outside of your home itself, your yard comes as a package deal with the house.  Whether you are trying to sell your house or not, surveys of potential homebuyers gives us pertinent information about the value of our yards. According to a Bankrate.com article written by Debbie Kaplan curb appeal is important to 71% of homebuyers when choosing their home.  Landscaping is a huge part of that curb appeal.  An investment in landscaping has the potential to pay a 215% return rate in home value, while you may only get a 50-70% return rate on kitchen and bathroom renovations. Realtor Mag, the official magazine of the National Association of Realtors, wrote in an article from 2014 that according to research done at Virginia Tech upgrading the landscaping of a home from average to excellent can raise the overall home value by 10-12%.

Large deciduous trees was one of the most preferred landscaping elements according to home buyers who were surveyed. However, recent years of drought and bark beetles have wreaked havoc on many trees in Los Alamos. Many of us have been left with dead trees that are posing a hazard to our homes or property, and once these have been cut down we are left with an unsightly stump where we once had a beautiful tree.

That is where Northern New Mexico Stump Grinders, LLC comes in! With our help these stubborn tree stumps and roots can be removed, usually within a few hours. Our equipment can dig a deep enough hole to grind down any remnants of a tree stump as much as a foot or two beneath ground level and can also dig out those pesky roots that may cause damage to your foundation, yard, or sidewalks, or shoot up little seedlings all over your yard. Once your tree stump is gone, we can fill your hole back in with dirt and plant something new, be it a tree or a small flower garden. Here are a few pictures of the yards of our customers where they turned tree stump removal into a beautiful addition to their landscaping.

For more reasons you should remove that tree stump from your yard, check out this other article.

Before and After Pictures from Job A:

Before and After Pictures from Job B:





What We’ve Been Up To

We’ve been very busy recently! We’ve had a lot of estimates and completed quite a few stump removal jobs. Here are some pictures from our latest jobs!